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Our Web Portal allows Physicians and their staff to quickly access reports from a secure web page using any web-enabled PC. Our clients can view, search, batch, print, scan or download their reports by accessing Physician Portal with their assigned username and password.

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Outreach is the system that you can use to view your pathology reports electronically. This gives you the ease of pulling your pathology reports from anywhere you have internet access, including your smart phones or smart devices (such as iPads).

Outreach can also be used for placing pathology orders electronically. It allows you to log on to a secure website, look up your patient, and/or place a new patient order for anatomic pathology service. It will generate a requisition and label for you to put on the specimen and send to us. NO HAND-WRITTEN REQUISITIONS!

Please locate the Outreach menu on the right for our viewable PDF Outreach Instruction. You can also view our step-by-step video instruction above. For application assistance or any other inquiries, please call or contact us at outreachsupport@bdlab.com.


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